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Welcome!                                    "He Conquers who Endures" ~ Persius

We at LouisFIT are simply another voice in the chorus for healthy living. While our focus is on healthy body composition and fitness, we cover all aspects of healthy living. It is our sincere hope that this website will inform, inspire, motivate and encourage you to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

To our clients and perspective clients, LouisFIT provides you the opportunity to peruse the exciting Weight-Loss, Fitness and Conditioning programs we offer you and your family in the metropolitan DC area.

So whether you are surfing, a LouisFIT client or perspective client, you are at the right place.

Be Informed! Be Motivated! Be Committed Today to a Healthier Tomorrow!


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For more information contact Louis or Jennifer:
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Phone Louis: 301-412-2815
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Phone Jennifer: 301-412-2816