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Fitness Programs
Please Read Carefully before committing to an exercise program.
LouisFit offers a variety of Personal In-Home/In-Office Training programs to meet the needs of our valued clients. To get the most from your exercise program it is important to know your Fitness Level; this is especially true if you are a participant in couple or small group training.  To check your fitness level simply Click
Your training sessions are conducted in a variety of settings per your request: in-home/apartment & condo gyms, office gyms, parks, etc. You should note that most commercial gyms only allow trainers employed with the gym to train clients. If you desire to have your trainer work with you at your gym inquire about the relevant policy.

Who are our programs for? All ages. All fitness levels. Seniors. Sports/activity specific. One-on-One. Couples/friends. Small groups. Female specific training available. 

Training Focus
- Body composition: Lose, gain or maintain
- Aerobic Fitness (Cardiovascular endurance)
- Stability, agility and flexibility
- Muscular strength and endurance
- Nutritional guidance

Want to discuss your healthy lifestyle goals?
If you are considering a fitness program please feel free to call us to discuss your goals. We are personal trainers NOT salespersons - we'll in no way pressure you to purchase anything.  We will listen to what your goals are and offer suggestions on how to get there. 

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